Programs Delivery
01. Our online or E-learning brings `Classroom to your Computer¨ instead of taking you to the classroom.  This is the new concept of learning where there is online interaction with instructors and other participants 24 hours a day, seven days a week.   This is invaluable to mature students whose work schedules make it impossible to attend daytime classes. They will appreciate the opportunity to learn at home, at their own pace without any disruption to their job schedules. 
02. The MBA program has 8 modules and the time duration for each module is 2 months.  The Course uses work environment as the place of learning and is action-learning oriented.  It is based on projects that supports work activities and builds upon previous learning. 
03. The Courses are taught by fully qualified and highly experienced lecturers who recognize the value of prior learning experiences.  This is invaluable to mature and adult professionals whose work schedules make it impossible to attend daytime classes in today¨s highly demanding international environment.  The course is designed to boost personal development without any disruption to their job schedules.
04. The text book materials are the same as the American University, but a Chinese version.  Mature students have the opportunity to arrange their time schedule to work and to learn at home, making a personal commitment to gain the MBA certificate.
05. Students will be conferred their academic qualification upon a successful completion of all the course work and examinations for the  8 modules and achieve a GPA of at least 3.0 .
*If the G.PA grade is below 3.0, you are required to redo the thesis to obtain a better grade.
06. You can choose to attend the graduation ceremony held in your own country or at any available location overseas.  It all depends on your finances and your time.
07. For the mature students, this is a dream come true.  They are given an opportunity to advance their careers and academic qualifications and the sense of accomplishment.
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